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Bio ethanol fireplaces and table fireplaces

Enjoy a nice cozy fire at home, even if you don't have a chimney. With the new collection of bio ethanol fireplaces and table fireplaces from Enjoyfires you can enjoy the flames both indoors and outdoors. The bioethanol fireplaces are easy to (re) install and have a CE mark. This allows you to enjoy the fireplaces safely!


The bioethanol fireplaces and table fireplaces are environmentally friendly, the combustion of bioethanol is almost odorless and there is no smoke. Do you have questions about one of the bio ethanol fireplaces? Please contact us and we will be happy to help. 

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    Enjoyfires bio ethanol table fireplace 20x20x32 cm - black

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  2. For indoor use

    Enjoyfires bio ethanol table fireplace 30x30x30 cm - black

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Bio ethanol fireplaces and table fireplaces

In our collection you will find various large standing bio ethanol fireplaces, but also smaller models that are suitable to use as a table fire. For example, the smallest table fire we currently have is the Enjoyfires bio ethanol fireplace 25x25x65 cm. Prefer a large fireplace that catches the eye? Then view our Enjoyfires Torch fireplaces. This model is available in white and black.

Bio ethanol fireplaces, suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Would you like to sit outside in the evenings on a warm summer evening or enjoy the flames of your bio ethanol fireplace inside your house during the winter? Enjoyfires' bio ethanol fireplaces can be used in different settings, because they can be placed both indoors and outdoors. When using the bioethanol fireplaces indoors, make sure there is a good supply of fresh air. Do you use the bio ethanol fireplace outside? Then it is advisable to only use it when there is no wind.

The advantages of a bio ethanol fireplace

As you can read above, a big advantage of the bio ethanol fireplaces is the applicability. In addition, bioethanol is a clean and economical fuel. Little CO2 is released during the combustion of bioethanol (comparable to a candle). In addition, you hardly smell it and there is no smoke. This makes bioethanol extremely popular every year.

Safe use and (re) filling of the bio ethanol fireplace or table fireplace

Use the bio ethanol fireplace or table fireplace in a safe way. Is the fireplace filled with enough bioethanol? Then light the burner with a long lighter. After about 10-15 minutes the flames are clearly visible and warm. We recommend letting the fire extinguish by itself. Would you rather do this yourself? Then you can do this with the included flame shutter. Has the fire extinguished by itself and do you want to top up the bio ethanol fireplace? Then wait at least half an hour. It may seem that the flames are well out, but this does not have to be the case.