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Bio ethanol fireplaces and burners

Bio-ethanol is a clean and inexpensive fuel. Almost no odor or smoke is released during combustion, so the fireplaces can be used both indoors and outdoors. With the exception of the built-in burners, these can only be used indoors.


A Bio-ethanol fireplace is a sustainable solution for experiencing real fire in your garden and indoors. The fireplaces are easy to move, so the possibilities are endless.

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Do you want to buy a bio-ethanol fireplace? Go for the best quality!

On you can buy bio ethanol burners in addition to built-in gas burners. Bio-ethanol is a clean fuel that does not emit smoke or odor. You can also use Enjoyfires' bio ethanol burners inside your home. In addition to the bio ethanol burners, you will also find fire pillars in our collection. The fire pillars on bio ethanol provide a lot of ambiance in your home and garden!

Cheap bio ethanol burners and fireplaces starting from £30

Handy do-it-yourselfers pay attention! At Greenlabshop you can buy a bio ethanol burner starting from only £30. Turn your small or large table into a fire table with these sleekly designed built-in burners. The built-in burners are easy to move and install, giving you many options.

Enjoy the bio ethanol fireplaces outside or inside

The bio ethanol fireplaces can be used both indoors and outdoors. Ideal when you want to enjoy the flames on a pleasant evening outside, but want to place the decorative fireplace inside in the living room on a cold winter day. The flames of the bio ethanol fireplaces are best outdoors when there is no wind. Place the fireplace outside next to the entrance of your business premises or place it in a nice spot in the garden.

The usage of bio ethanol burners, fireplaces and fire pillars

Always use a bio ethanol burners safely. Is the bio-ethanol burner empty? Then wait at least 30 minutes before refilling the built-in burner, fireplace or fire column. After filling, always light the fireplace with a long lighter. The bio-ethanol burners take about 10 to 15 minutes after lighting to form a beautiful flame. It is best to let the fuel burn out completely. Would you like to put out the fire sooner? Use the supplied hook for this so that you can close the slide or put out the fire.


Always read the manual carefully before use.