Buying a fire pit table? Here is everything you need to know!

Pour yourself a drink, take a nice nap in your lazy chair or lounger and enjoy the warmth of the playful fire effect. With a fire pit table any garden can be turned into an ambient outdoor lounge that can be enjoyed throughout the year. All you need to do is twist the control knob on the gas burner, set the height of the flames and sit back and relax.

The benefits of a fire pit table

A fire pit table is a table with a built-in gas fireplace and is the ideal source of heat to implement in your garden. Fire pit tables can be made from materials such as wood, aluminum, Corten steel and composite material. In no time you have a cozy fire, a heat source and a great place to have a drink with friends. Other benefits of a gas fire pit table are:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Refreshments can be placed on the table
  • An ambient fire without the sparks and smoke
  • The fire table will remain in a good state for years without any maintenance, especially when you use a protective cover to shield the fire table during the winter.

Enjoyfires fire pit table

Safety precautions when handling fire tables

Fire tables add a lot of atmosphere to your garden, but it is necessary to take precautions when dealing with fire and gas. Please consider the following precautions when using a fire pit table:

  1. Make sure that the fire table is a safe distance away from flammable materials, pets and children.
  2. Make sure that you follow the instructions in order to correctly install the fire table.
  3. Before use, please check that the fittings of the gas bottle are fastened.
  4. Never leave the open fire unsupervised when in use.
  5. In case of a gas leak, remove the gas bottle or locate the shut-off valve of your natural gas supply.
  6. Make sure that the gas hose is untwisted and leading away from the fire table. Do not let the gas hose come into contact with the fire table’s hot surface.
  7. Never move the fire table when in use.
  8. Turn off the gas supply after use.
  9. Do not touch the lava rocks and ceramic logs until they have cooled down.
  10. NEVER place the gas bottle on its side. Always make sure it is placed upright. This way you prevent fluid gas from leaking out of the bottle. If gas has leaked there is a very high risk of a flashover, which can be deadly.

How does a fire table work?

As previously mentioned, a fire pit table is very easy to use and can be enjoyed in no time. How do you turn it on? In the same way you would turn on the gas hob in your kitchen. You need to open the gas tap on the gas bottle and press down the knob. Next, you twist the knob which simultaneously activates the electric igniter. Sit back, relax and enjoy the fire.

The fire table trends of 2022

Fire pit table UK

When you explore the internet, you will discover that there are many different types of fire tables available. It varies from aluminum fire pit coffee tables to square fire pit dining tables made of wood scaffolding.

Tip: keep in mind what kind of atmosphere you would like to create when choosing a fire table for your garden. For example, a wooden table fits very nicely in a more botanical garden, whilst an aluminum table looks much better in a more modern-looking garden.

The biggest fire table trend of 2022 is the industrial fire table. With this minimalistic table you can create an indoor-outdoor flow. For example, with a tabletop made of teakwood or aluminum and a sturdy aluminum frame, an industrial fire table would also look amazing indoors (however, gas fire tables are only meant to be used outdoors). Particularly the brand Enjoyfires has a wide assortment of these kind of fire tables. On our website you can have a look at their fire tables, available in different colours and different shapes.

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Interested in buying a fire table? Pay attention to these things

When you are planning on buying a fire table, you should consider the following:

  • Fire tables can be used outdoors only because there needs to be enough supply of oxygen. It is not an issue to place a fire table underneath a patio roof or garden shelter. In fact, this is recommended so that the heat will be retained for longer at night.
  • A fire table is specially made for the outdoors and can withstand a lot. However, the fire table will remain in a good state for longer if you use a PVC safety cover.
  • Pay close attention to the following features of quality when buying a fire table: does it conform to the European requirements of safety and environmental protection standards? Does the burner have a CE-marking and is it KIWA certified? Safety above all else!