Different planters, their materials and sizes

On Greenlabshop.co.uk, we sell various planters in three different materials: fibreglass, hardwood and concrete and three different shapes: square, rectangular and round. Find out which planter fits you!

Different materials and their benefits

The planters of Greenlabshop are available in three different materials: fibreglass, hardwood and concrete/wood.

1] Fibreglass planters

Fibreglass is a very durable material and has the following characteristics:

  • Light weight;
  • Weatherproof and frost-resistant, you do not need to place the planter inside during the winter;
  • Equipped with EPS-foam, the roots of your plants are safe during cold days and nights;
  • The Enjoyplanters can be placed inside as well as outside.

2] Hardwood planters

We have various hardwood planters too. The benefits of hardwood planters are: 

  • Their timeless design, they will look great in every garden;
  • They are, like our fibreglass planters, frost resistant;
  • Because of the holes in the bottom, the wooden planters have good drainage.


3] Small concrete planters

Last but not least, we have various small concrete planters in different shapes. The benefits of our concrete planters are: 

  • The concrete planters can be used both indoors and outdoors;
  • They are supplied with a hardwood frame;
  • The planters are weatherproof.

Large square and rectangular fibreglass planters

We don’t only have small fibreglass planters, but also very large planters! Our large square planters start from 100 x 100 cm (length x width) up to no less than 200 x 200 cm. They are available in various height sizes from 40 cm up to 160 cm high. You can choose from large low models or large cubes. These large planters, for example, look great as an eye-catcher on your company grounds or in the centre of your garden.

You will find our large rectangular planters in six standard sizes: 100x50x50cm, 200x50x60cm, 230x50x40cm, 180x88x32cm, 208x30x20cm and 223x100x32cm. These sizes can serve as a barrier for different parts of your garden. Curious about our large fibreglass planters? You find them here

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