Do fire pit tables provide heat?

A question we regularly get is “Do fire pit tables provide heat?”. The answer to this is: yes. Fire pit tables provide sufficient heat, but you must of course know how to use that heat optimally. Get more out of your luxurious fire pit table and enjoy the heat to the fullest with our handy tips.

How much heat comes of a fire pit table?

How much heat comes of a fire pit table? It is not as much as a fire place on wood. But, the warmth is enough the sit outside, even when the temperature is dropping.

Tips to enjoy the heat of your fire pit table even more

1. Choose a fire pit table with a lot of power

A fire pit table that generates sufficient heat needs a good built-in burner. All our fire pit tables provide heat, but some have slightly more power than others.

For example, the Cosi-fires fire pit tables are equipped with a built-in burner with 9 kW. The Enjoyfires fire pit tables, on the other hand, generally have a built-in burner of 16 kW. So almost double the power!

By choosing a gas fire pit table with more power, you can also turn on the flames higher. As a result, you use a bit more propane gas but in return you receive more heat. You can of course also choose to lower the flames, so that you use less gas. The heat that comes off the fire pit table is therefore less.

2. Place your fire pit table under a canopy

Another tip to enjoy the warmth of a fire pit table more: place your fire pit table under a canopy. When you place a fire pit table under a roof, the heat will remain better. Make sure that one side is always fully open, for sufficient fresh air.

Enjoyfires gas fire pit under a canopy

With this tip you can stay outside much longer. Especially when you're sitting out of the wind!

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