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Fire columns of propane gas or bio ethanol

The gas fire columns and bio-ethanol fire columns from Greenlabshop.co.uk provide a lot of ambiance at an entrance or on your own terrace. It is a real eye-catcher and also perfect for professional use such as in the hospitality industry. Finish your restaurant terrace with a beautiful fire column. The gas fire columns are only for outdoor use or under a roof. The fire columns on bio-ethanol can be used both indoors and outdoors (only when the wind is not too strong).

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Various high quality fire columns

Where fire tables are often low, fire columns are higher columns with a built-in gas or bio-ethanol burner at the top. Fire columns are often used in the catering industry or at companies, but can also be a nice addition to your garden when using it privatly. At Greenlabshop you will find various aluminium fire columns in different colours! 

Choose between gas or bio-ethanol fire columns

At Greenlabshop you have the option to choose between a gas fire column or a bio-ethanol fire column. In the gas fire fire columns a 5kg gas bottle fits inside so that it will not be visible during use. The gas fire columns can only be used outside. The fire columns working on bio-ethanol must be refilled through the burner itself. This is only possible when the bio ethanol burner is off. If the flame has gone out over time, you must wait at least 30-60 minutes before refilling it. The bio-ethanol fire pillars can be used indoors and outdoors (only if it is completely windless).

Move your fire column easily

It is of course useful that you can easily move a fire column. Enjoyfires' fire pillars (aluminium) have recessed wheels and they are barely visible. 

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