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Fire columns

Fire columns of propane gas or bio ethanol

The gas fire columns and bio-ethanol fire columns from Greenlabshop.co.uk provide a lot of ambiance at an entrance or on your own terrace. It is a real eye-catcher and also perfect for professional use such as in the hospitality industry. Finish your restaurant terrace with a beautiful fire column. The gas fire columns are only for outdoor use or under a roof. The fire columns on bio-ethanol can be used both indoors and outdoors (only when the wind is not too strong).

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Buy a fire column? Order safely and securely

You can also buy fire columns safely and securely at Greenlabshop. In our range you will find various fire columns from the brands Enjoyfires and Cosi-Fires. The fire columns all stand for quality and are a valuable addition to your garden, business premises, restaurant or next to the entrance.

The Enjoyfires fire columns on gas or bio-ethanol

Enjoyfires is the only brand that offers bio-ethanol fire columns in addition to gas fire columns. There is enough space in the aluminum or wooden gas fire columns for storing a 5 kg gas bottle.


The aluminum gas fireplaces from Enjoyfires are delivered including glass surround. In addition, these fire columns have recessed wheels, so you can easily move them. The wooden fire columns are made by hand in our warehouse. These fire columns are made of scaffolding wood and become more beautiful as time passes.


The Enjoyfires fire columns on bioethanol can be used both indoors and outdoors. These fire columns are available in many different models. You can enjoy the bio-ethanol fire columns outside in the summer and inside in the winter!

The Cosi-Fires fire column: "Cosiscoop Pillar L"

Cosi-Fires also has two beautiful fire columns in its range, which resemble the large version of the Cosiscoop gas lanterns. The Cosiscoop pillar is available in a black aluminum version and in a teak version. These fire columns also have sufficient space for storing the gas bottle. The gas control knob is not located on the inside, but on the outside of the fire column.

High fire column on gas or bioethanol

At Greenlabshop you have the option to choose from a fire column on gas or a fire column on bio-ethanol. With the gas fire columns, a gas bottle of 5 kg fits in the fire column, so that it is not visible during use. The gas fire columns can only be used outside.


The fire columns on bioethanol must be refilled via the burner itself. This is only possible when the bio-ethanol burner is off. If the flame has gone out over time, you should wait at least 30-60 minutes before refilling it. The bioethanol fire columns can be used indoors and outdoors (only when it is completely windless).