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A firebowl creates coziness and warmth and turns your garden into a lounge area. On our websites you can first-class black coated firesbowls in various sizes and shapes. Do you need some help with picking the right firebowl? Call us on +44 121 468 0184.

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Looking for a fire bowl?

Can you imagine yourself, sitting around a fire bowl like a campfire with your friends or family? Someone plays a guitar and tells exciting stories. Fire bowls are perfect for safely lighting a fire yourself and roasting marshmallows above! The fire bowls are available in different shapes, like a bowl or square. 

Different types of fire bowls

Fire bowls are available in different shapes and sizes. The fire bowls in our range are made of 1.6 mm thick black steel. When you use a fire bowl, there is a chance that it will rust over time. We also have the 'Vuurdoek', which is a fire bowl with a heat-resisting cloth. The 'Vuurdoek' can easily be taken along.

Fire bowl with a wood storage

Most fire bowls have a small foot or no foot at all, but we have also a firebowl with a handy wood storage, such as the Enjoyfires fire bowl Shac. Thanks to this handy fire bowl, you don't have to walk far to keep the fire going. It also looks very cozy!

Use your fire bowl as a barbecue

When you are looking at our fire bowls, you can order a grill ring or grill grate with them (only Enjoyfires). With the grill rings and grill grates, you can turn your campfire into a barbecue!