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Want to buy a fire bowl? Check out our collection!

They are again extremely popular this year: fire bowls. With a fire bowl you can enjoy your garden every season of the year! Use the fire bowl as a barbecue or in the evening to create more warmth and atmosphere. A fire bowl is a fine product that fits in almost any garden. Each fire bowl is sent without shipping costs.

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  1. High quality

    Enjoyfires fire bowl Ø50 cm | 3mm steel

    £ 52.63
    In Stock
    5-10 days
  2. High quality

    Enjoyfires fire bowl Ø60 cm | 3mm steel

    £ 60.90
    In Stock
    5-10 days
  3. Fancy flames fire bowl 3 legs Ø60 cm

    £ 87.36
    In Stock
    5-10 days
  4. Fancy Flames fire bowl MGO S 60x60x35 cm

    £ 145.89
    In August
    Free delivery & Buyer protection.
  5. Livin'flame fire pit bowl 45x45x55 cm

    £ 103.78
    In Stock
    5-10 days
  6. Livin'flame fire pit Mani 58x58x40 cm

    £ 105.18
    In Stock
    5-10 days
  7. Livin'flame fire pit Sama 57x57x93 cm

    £ 203.14
    In Stock
    5-10 days
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You will find the best fire bowl offers at Greenlabshop

Save money with the purchase of your fire bowl, discover the fire bowl offers from Greenlabshop. We currently have various temporary fire bowl promotions, such as:


  • Receive a free bag of kindling with every Enjoyfires fire bowl!

In our collection you will find an ever-growing range of fire bowls. Many of our fire bowls are in stock in our warehouse in the Netherlands. Do you order a fire bowl from stock on working days before 15:00? Then we will send it the same day with PostNL. Due to the popularity of the fire bowls, it is possible that they have a longer delivery time. You can also insure your order with the click of a button via Trusted Shops. Click on the pop-up after ordering to insure your fire bowl.

The different types of fire bowls for the garden

Can you imagine it with your friends or family around a campfire in the garden? Someone is playing a guitar and telling exciting stories. Fire bowls are perfect for building a campfire and roasting marshmallows upstairs!


At Greenlabshop you will find various types of fire bowls for the garden. You can choose from different types, sizes and materials. Would you like a modern, sleek fire bowl in your garden? Then choose one of the black steel fire bowls. The black fire bowls for the garden have a heat-resistant coating. 

Small fire bowls up to 80 cm

Is your garden a bit smaller, but do you still want to enjoy a beautiful play of flames? Then choose a small fire bowl! Our small fire bowls start from a diameter of 50 cm. We also have other sizes in our 'small fire bowl collection', namely 60 cm fire bowls, 70 cm fire bowls and 80 cm fire bowls. The small fire bowls are available in black coated steel.


The small fire bowls up to 80 cm are available in different designs. You have round small fire bowls with short legs, designer fire bowls that consist of several connectable parts (handy to take with you) and the small fire bowls from Enjoyfires which you can easily place on the multifunctional wood storage. Some of the small fire bowls can be expanded with barbecue accessories. Handy for that cozy barbecue.

The different brands of fire bowls

In our collection you will find various A-brand fire bowls. Each brand has its own advantages and qualities:


  • Enjoyfires fire bowls: When you choose an Enjoyfires fire bowl, you know for sure that you are opting for quality. The Enjoyfires fire bowls are made of 3mm thick steel. Due to the use of quality materials, the fire bowl lasts a long time and remains firmly in place. For example, the smallest fire bowl of 50 cm already weighs 8 kg! 
  • Fancy Flames fire bowls: Fancy Flames, also known as Esschert, has a nice collection of fire bowls and fire pits. You can opt for a corten steel fire bowl, but fire bowls made of MGO, black steel or ceramic are also available. So plenty of choice!
  • Livin'flame fire bowls: The Livin'flame fire bowls are available in various modern designs. All made of top quality steel.

Fire bowl maintenance

When you own a fire bowl, you naturally want it to remain beautiful for as long as possible. That is why it is important to empty the fire bowl of wood chips and ashes after using it. In addition, we recommend that you store the fire bowl in a dry place in the shed or under a roof. As a result, the fire bowl will rust and/or wear out less quickly due to the weather. Unfortunately, rust can never be completely prevented. Do you have rust on your fire bowl? Then you can try to sand it and you can provide the fire bowl with a new heat-resistant coating.

How do you choose the best fire bowl?

We understand that it can be difficult to choose the best fire bowl. The range online is also very large! We have a number of handy tips, so you can be sure that you choose the best fire bowl:


  • The first thing to consider is what type of material you want a fire bowl to be made of. Do you want a fire bowl made of steel, corten steel, ceramic or, for example, MGO? Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Corten steel, for example, has the property that it lasts a very long time, but you must like the rusty color. Black coated steel can rust through a bit over time, but you can prevent this by placing the fire bowl under a roof after use. For example, MGO as a type of material cannot rust, but again the choice is limited. In short, do your research beforehand into the desired type of fire bowl.
  • Note the thickness of the material. For example, if you opt for a black-coated fire bowl, pay attention to the thickness of the fire bowl. For example, the Enjoyfires fire bowls are made of 3mm thick steel. This is a lot thicker than other fire bowls, making the Enjoyfires fire bowls of better quality.

In addition to fire bowls, also fire pits!

New in the range of Greenlabshop: fire pits. A fire pit is a simple and safe way to light a fire, just like with a fire bowl. In a fire pit, the fire gets more oxygen through the underside, making it possible to burn more. The fire pits are available in different designs and from different brands. Discover the collection!

Roasting marshmallows

Let your children join in the fun and roast marshmallows together over the campfire. With melted marshmallows you can make a delicious American snack, namely S'mores. It is also highly recommended to roast marshmallows over the fire in combination with a brownie or hot chocolate. Success guaranteed!