Fire table, fire bowl or outdoor fireplace: which fireplace fits best in my garden?

Light the fireplace in the evening and enjoy the evening in your garden longer. But what is the difference between a fire bowl, an outdoor fireplace and fire table? We explain it below!

Outdoor fireplace

An outdoor fireplace is a wood burning fireplace for your garden. Throw a few logs of wood in the fireplace, put on a cosy fire and enjoy the autumn and winter evenings when the temperature is dropping. Follow the latest trend with our black outdoor fireplace. These fireplaces are sprayed with a heat-resistant coating or are made of cast iron. Many black outdoor fireplaces have a possibility to store some logs of wood. The most popular black outdoor fireplace of this moment is the Enjoyfires outdoor fireplace RAW. This small black fireplace has a modern design, is made of first-class steel, has a wood storage and an ash drawer.

In addition to the black outdoor fireplaces, also sells outdoor fireplaces made of corten steel. Corten steel is a very strong variety of steel that transforms in a rusty brown colour within a few months. The rust protects the steel against further corrosion. These corten steel outdoor fireplaces look beautiful and fit into the industrial, modern garden. If you have an industrial living room, then you can easily extend this style in your garden with a rough corten steel outdoor fireplace.

Fire tables

Fire tables are tables with a built-in gas fireplace. You can place the table in your lounge area of your garden. It’s easy to use, turn on the gas fire in the evening and enjoy the warmth on your skin. The advantage of a gas fireplace is the remarkable ease to put on the fire. With an outdoor fireplace it is a bit more work, because you have to cut, dry and burn the wood. It remains a matter of taste. Some people love a wood stove (or outdoor fireplace), while others prefer a gas fire (such as a fire table). All our fire tables work on propane gas.

The fire tables can only be used outdoors, because there must be a sufficient supply of oxygen. It is no problem to use a fire table under a canopy or an outside roof. This is even advisable, to feel the warmth a bit better during the cold evenings.

There are countless types of fire tables. From old scaffolding wood to concrete, from round to square and from aluminium to composite. Most fire tables can also be used as a side table. If you are looking for a larger table, choose a fire table with a rectangular table top, such as the Enjoyfires Twist. See all our fire tables here and use the filter on the left to find your favourite fire table.

Built-in burners

Are you a real do-it-yourselfer? Make your own fire table! Making a fire table yourself will save you a tremendous amount of money, since you only need to purchase a built-in burner. offers various certified built-in burners and ceramic logs.

Gabion outdoor fireplaces

Gabions are mesh elements filled with natural stones. Sometimes gabions are also called stone baskets. They are mainly used as property boundaries or dividers, but did you know that they can also be purchased with a built-in fireplace? A gabion outdoor fireplace can be integrated into your fencing, but you can also place it on your terrace. These outdoor fireplaces are available in gas and wood versions.

Fire bowls

Last but not least, there are fire bowls. You can place a few logs in a fire bowl. Light the logs and you have a small campfire. Fire bowls are lower priced than fire tables and wooden fire places. They are available in various designs, such as a concrete look, corten look and cast iron.

Which product suits me?

It is important that you first decide whether you want to burn wood or use a gas bottle. If your preference is for gas, then a fire table might be the best choice. Since there are many different fire tables, one will definitely suit your garden. Do you prefer the cozy smell of burning wood fire? Then you can choose between an outdoor fireplace or a fire bowl. A outdoor fireplace is a real showpiece in the garden, but is slightly more expensive than a fire bowl. If you have a smaller (roof) terrace or garden, then a fire bowl is the better choice.

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