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Candles for indoor and outdoor use

Candles are great for the ambiance. They provide cosiness, but also peace, warmth and serenity. Candles can be lit at any time of the year. Specially for the winter months you will find scented candles for indoor use. There are sturdy outdoor candles for the summer months. The candles are characterized by soft earth tones and are from the new and hip Belgian brand, PAJU.

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Scented candles with a wooden wick for indoor and outdoor use

The popular PAJU candles, for indoors and / or outdoors, with a wooden wick have gain more popularity over the last years. Depending on the type of wood used, these candles often give a nice crackling sound! This fire gives an extra dimension to the candle and ensures an optimal experience. In addition, PAJU's candles smell wonderfully of a combination of bergamot ginger, sandalwood, coriander and patchouli.

Enjoy a PAJU candle for many hours

A new brand from Antwerp that combines contemporary design with an eco-friendly mentality. PAJU Design strives to offer candles for every setting: the winter scented candles for indoors and the summer outdoor candles for outdoors. Characteristic of the candles is the chic and natural look. The creators of PAJU Design have been inspired by the global trend whereby the garden is increasingly seen as a personal living space. The PAJU candles guarantee many pleasant burning hours. Depending on which candle you choose, you can enjoy the burning wooden wick for up to 50 hours.