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Gacoli - LED solar garden lights

Gacoli - LED solar garden lights

Gacoli solar outdoor lights are modern garden lamps that work 100% on solar energy. Thanks to the innovative EMU (Energy Management Unit), the solar garden lights store the energy from daylight in a battery. The EMU module consists of solar cells, a battery and warm white LED lighting. The garden lamps are completely wireless, so no energy costs are incurred. They can be outside all year round.

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    Gacoli Checkmate No.2 table lamp - LED solar White coated 45 cm

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    Gacoli Manhattan No.1 table lamp - LED solar 23 cm

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    Gacoli Manhattan No.2 table lamp - LED solar 46 cm

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  4. Gacoli Runway No.1 solar

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  5. Gacoli Runway Park path lighting - LED solar stainless steel 34 cm

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  6. Gacoli Runway ParkXL solar

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Gacoli solar outdoor lighting for the garden

Gacoli is the brand known for its outdoor lighting with lampshades. The outdoor lighting works 100% on solar energy and therefore has many advantages:


  • The Gacoli solar outdoor lighting is completely wireless and easy to install
  • No energy costs since the outdoor lighting works on solar energy
  • You do not need any tools for installation
  • You don't need expensive installation or cables
  • You can use the garden lighting easily and safely due to low voltage
  • The garden lighting can be left outside all year round

The innovative EMU system of the Gacoli outdoor lighting

Thanks to the innovative EMU (Energy Management Unit), the Gacoli outdoor garden lighting stores the energy from daylight within a battery. The EMU module consists of solar cells, a battery and warm white LED lighting all in one. The stainless steel design allows them to be outside all year round. With their garden lighting, Gacoli bridges the gap between style and sustainability. Unique to the outdoor lighting is that with the new design of the garden lamps with a lampshade, the solar cells are hidden in the lamp.

The large Gacoli solar outdoor lighting range

On Greenlabshop you will find various types of Gacoli solar outdoor lighting. There are various small and large Gacoli floor lamps, Gacoli wall lamps, Gacoli pendant lamps and Gacoli table lamps. You can shop a lot of the Gacoli solar outdoor lighting now with a discount! Do you have questions about the Gacoli outdoor lighting? Please contact our customer service and we are happy to help you.