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Livepicture GO

Livepicture GO

Livepicture is a sustainable living painting on the wall with plants. The LivePicture painting only needs water once in about 4 to 6 weeks and this is indicated by the indicator. No power is required. Just hang the Livepicture GO on your wall and enjoy the growth. Livepicture is standard available in white, anthracite, black and red. Shop on www.greenlabshop.co.uk! 

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No electricity or water supply required for a vertical planter

No electricity is required for LivePicture living paintings. The water reservoir contains enough water for about 4 to 6 weeks (depending on the plant species and the temperature) and has a built-in water level indicator. LivePicture's hardware has been tested at a temperature between 0-40˚C.

A living painting at home or in the office

The LivePicture living paintings are suitable for private and business use. You can easily hang or place them in your room or office. The smallest LivePicture paintings are the LivePicture Go's, which you can find in our shop. These are available in four different colors and have a size of 51,6 by 51,6 cm. 

LivePicture is easy to install

For the installation of LivePicture you need a plumb rule, a pencil and a drill. All mounting materials are included. You have 1 year warranty (this does not apply to the plant cassettes).

Which plants are suitable for the LivePicture?

Many plants are suitable for the LivePicture, such as the Ficus pumila, Davallia mariesii or the Asparagus densiflorus. Keep in mind that you hang the LivePicture in a place with lots of sunlight, so that the plants can grow better.