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Outdoor carpets

Outdoor carpets

The 'outside is inside' trend has been going on for some time. Industrial design is also gaining popularity. With this trend you can go completely crazy. A beautiful carpet is nowadays indispensable for an interior, but you can now also place a carpet in your 'outside room'. It not only provides warm feet and a cozy, warm appearance, but you also create a beautiful and exciting effect in the garden. For example, it is also nice to combine the color from the carpet with other garden accessories.

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Outdoor carpet, the carpet for the garden

An outdoor carpet fits perfectly in today's gardens. The garden becomes an extension of your living room, so an outdoor carpet cannot miss! You can now walk into your garden with your barefeet and you will no longer be bothered by the cold tiles in the garden.

The possibilities of an outdoor carpet

An outdoor carpet can be placed anywhere in the garden. For example, you can create a cozy lounge corner in combination with a fire table, or you can place the outdoor carpet on your porch. In addition, you can also use an outdoor carpet by the wet floor near the pool, so you don't have to worry about someone slipping.

Top quality outdoor carpets

In our range you will find beautiful outdoor carpets with cheerful prints that can be ordered in various colors. The outdoor carpets are made of PET polypropylene. Polypropylene is a plastic that is particularly durable. It is stain resistant and hardly absorbs moisture. It is a durable material with a high-tech fiber that provides a soft touch and is weather resistant at the same time.