Gas fire pit table for outdoors | Top 5 gas fire pit tables for outdoor use

Can you picture yourself sitting in your garden with a cooled drink in you hand, the sun slowly setting and you are lounging next to a beautiful gas fire pit table? What are you waiting for, make your dream come through and order a gas fire pit table today. To guide you in the right direction we made a top 5 of the best outdoor gas fire pit tables.

Gas fire pit table number 1: Cosiloft 100 and Cosiloft 120

Are you searching for a luxurious gas fire pit table, then the popular Cosiloft 100 or Cosiloft 120 fire table is something for you. These fire tables are from the brand Cosi-Fires. The gas fire pit table has a sturdy aluminium base and an aluminium and/or wooden top. The Cosiloft 100 is a square gas fire pit table of 100 by 100 centimeters. The Cosiloft 120 is a rectangular gas fire pit table of 80 by 120 centimeters.

Cosiloft fire table

Underneath the gas fire pit table you can safely store a gas bottle. Underneath the fire pit itself, you can manage the height of the flames. On a full propane gas bottle of 5kg, you can light the flames around 8 to 12 hours (depending on the height of the flames).

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Gas fire pit table number 2: Enjoyfires fire table Ambiance

The most popular gas fire pit table at the moment is the Enjoyfires Ambiance. You can go in many directions with this industrial looking gas fire pit table. There is a wide range to choose from. In total, there are 22 different models available. You can choose a square gas fire pit table of 90x90x35 cm (L x W x H) or a rectangular gas fire pit table of 120x80x35 cm.

You can choose between a black or white aluminium base in combination with an aluminium table top (white, black, grey, cement grey or army green) or a teak table top. Below you will find the 4 most popular Ambiance fire tables of the moment.

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Gas fire pit table number 3: Cosiloft 120 relax dining


Have a nice and relaxing garden diner at this garden table with built-in fireplace. This new Cosi fire table is available in four different colors and is the perfect size to place next to your lounge set. Normally a fire table is around 40cm high, but this Cosiloft relax dining table is a bit higher. It has a height of 67cm so you can use it to sit and dine.

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Gas fire pit table number 4: Enjoyfires gas fire pit Fuego Leaf

This fire table is perfect for a garden with a lot of natural elements. The Fuego leaf gas fire pit is made of acacia wood. This is a durable type of hardwood (durability class 1) and this fire table will last for many years, even in various weather conditions. The fire table has a sturdy concrete table top, which gives the fire table a robust appearance.

Gas fire pit table number 5: Cosi Vista 120

The Cosi Vista is a surprising addition in the Cosi fire table range. Unlike most fire table’s you don’t use this one as a side table, but as a stand-alone fire element. The Cosi Vista provides just as much atmosphere as the other Cosi gas fire pit tables. Thanks to the two large glass walls you can see through the glass and you can use the gas fire pit as a partition between two parts in the garden. You can store the gas bottle in the wide base of the Cosi Vista.