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Cosi-Fires fire pits

Cosi built-in burners and gas fire pits

Would you like to make a fire table with a stainless steel-colored built-in burner or a black built-in burner? Cosi-fires is the only one with black built-in burners, which of course fits completely in this year's industrial garden trend! The Cosi built-in burners are easy to operate via the handy electric control knob on the side, with which you determine the height of the flame. Complete your built-in burner with a matching glass screen.

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  1. Cosi built-in burner square 40x40x16,5 cm.

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    Cosi built-in burner straight 60x22x16,5 cm.

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  3. Cosi built-in burner square 40x40x16,5 cm | Black

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  4. € 50 korting

    Cosi built-in burner straight 60x22x16,5 cm | Black

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  5. Cosi build up black with glass

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  6. Cosi Glass screen 50x50x21 cm.

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    Cosi Glass screen 55x35x21 cm.

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    Cosi Glass screen 65x30x17 cm

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The different Cosi table fireplaces

Cosi-Fires is now a well-known brand among table fireplaces in the UK, Netherlands and Belgium. Cosi now has a large collection of fire tables, but also table fireplaces. The brand stands for quality, design and an eye for detail.


There are various Cosi built-in burners in our range. The table fireplaces are available in two colors and each color is available in two sizes. Would you like to enjoy the cozy fire without having to make major adjustments? Then choose the Cosi Build-up. You can easily place this movable Cosi table fire in the desired location.

Stainless steel and black Cosi built-in burners

Cosi-Fires is the only brand in our collection that sells black built-in burners in addition to the standard stainless steel-colored built-in burners. Both types are available in two different sizes:


  • A small square Cosi built-in burner 40x40 centimeters
  • A larger rectangular Cosi-fires built-in burner of 60x22 cm

Complete your Cosi burner with accessories

You can further expand the Cosi burners with the Cosi wood block set, a matching glass casing and a cover for the glass casing.


There are two different ceramic wood block sets. You can choose from 3 or 4 logs per set. The ceramic logs from Cosi on the burner give a real fireplace effect! They enhance the atmosphere and can also be combined with other gas burners from our collection. You can wipe the ceramic logs once in a while with a cloth so that they always remain beautiful.


In addition to the ceramic log set, you can also opt for the Cosi glass casing. With the Cosi glass casing you give your burner a chic and modern look. The wind can also get less grip on the flames, so that the fire continues to burn beautifully. Have you opted for a low fire table? Then the glass casing also ensures a safe environment. Children and pets are less able to reach the fire.


Are you not using the Cosi burner? Then you can use the Cosi cover to place on the glass casing. This will close the Cosi burner.

A handy table burner for every moment

Do you not want to make a whole fire table, but do you prefer a handy burner that you can put directly on the table? Then check out the Cosi build up black! The Cosi-fires build up is a handy table fire that you can place anywhere. Whether you are enjoying a drink with friends at the garden table or whether you are gently plopping down on the lounge sofa, you can take the Cosi build up with you!