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Enjoyfires gas fire pits

Enjoyfires propane gas fire pit kits

Discover the wide range of the Enjoyfires built-in burners and gas fire pits. Whether you choose propane gas or bio-ethanol as a fuel, you will find it all in the Enjoyfires collection! Enjoyfires gas fire pits give the most beautiful smoke-free flames without sparks. The gas fire pits are available in various sizes, so let's start making a fire table!

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Make a fire table with an Enjoyfires propane gas fire pit

Whether you want to make a large or small fire table yourself, with the Enjoyfires propane gas fire pit you are immediately on the right track. The gas fire pits are available in various sizes, so there will be a suitable burner for every kind of fire table.


You can give your fire table a finishing touch with the various Enjoyfires accessories, such as ceramic logs and a matching glass screen (both only suitable for the gas burners). All gas fire pits are equipped with free lava stones, a stainless steel lid and a gas hose. Please note that the gas burners have a Dutch gas regulator. Please purchase the Enjoyfires UK gas regulator to comply the gas fire pit with a UK propane gas bottle.

An Enjoyfires gas fire burner or bio-ethanol burner?

You will find two types of built-in burners in the Enjoyfires collection: gas fire burners and bio-ethanol burners. What exactly are the differences between these two types of burners and when do you choose which built-in burner?


The Enjoyfires gas fire pits are the most popular kind in the collection. You can easily connect a 5kg gas bottle to these gas burners. With an Enjoyfires gas fire pit you can also enjoy the flames for a short time, such as for fifteen minutes. The gas fire pits can only be used outside or under a canopy. With a gas fire pit you make a fire table for outside. 


The Enjoyfires bio-ethanol burners are suitable for indoor usage. Since bioethanol is a clean, safe fuel, you do not have to make any major adjustments in your home. There is no need to install a smoke outlet, making bioethanol a good solution for new-build houses. All you have to do is opening a window so that there is a sufficient supply of fresh air. With a bio-ethanol burner you make a fire table for indoors.

Only use a certified gas fire pit!

All gas fire pits from Greenlabshop are provided with a CE-marking including. This means that the gas fire pit you have chosen meets all Dutch safety requirements in the field of safety, health and the environment. This allows you to enjoy the crackling fire and your homemade fire table without any worries. Never make a gas fire pit yourself, this can be life-threatening if you are not an expert.

A chilled drink during the day, a cozy table fire in the evening

The Enjoyfires gas fire pits do not have to be turned on, on a hot summer day. It is nice to have a cool drink close by. Remove your square or rectangular Enjoyfires gas fire pit from your fire table and replace it with the Enjoyfires wine cooler. Fill the Enjoyfires wine cooler with water and ice, so that you can place a bottle of soft drink, water or an alcoholic snack in it. When the sun slowly sets, you can remove the wine cooler and replace the Enjoyfires gas burner.

Prefer to connect your propane gas burner to natural gas?

Would you like to connect your Enjoyfires gas fire pit to natural gas instead of a propane gas bottle? That is possible! Have a look at our natural gas conversion sets. However, always have this done by a recognized gas installer. Do not get started with this yourself!