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Happy Cocooning fire pits

Happy Cocooning gas fire pits and burners

Would you like to have a complete fire pit kit? Then choose one of the Happy Cocooning built-in burners! With these built-in burners you will receive 4 ceramic logs, more than enough lava stones, a stainless steel lid and a 100 cm long rubber gas hose. Complete your set with a matching glass casing. Check out all our built-in burners for more brands and sizes.

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The different Happy Cocooning built-in burners

The Happy Cocooning built-in burners are available in 4 different sizes. Whether you want to make a large or small fire table yourself, a suitable Happy Cocooning built-in burner can be found for every table. The following sizes of Happy Cocooning built-in burners can be found in our collection:


Make your own fire table with a Happy Cocooning table burner

Making a fire table yourself does not have to be difficult at all! It is relatively easy to make a wooden fire table yourself. 


Are you going to make a fire table for the first time? Then choose scaffolding wood! Scaffolding wood is relatively cheap and it is okay to make mistakes with this. You can also make a recess in an existing garden table, into which you lower the Happy Cocooning table burner.

Free accessories with the Happy Cocooning burners

With the Happy Cocooning built-in burners you will receive many accessories when you purchase the burner. For example, 4 ceramic logs are supplied free of charge with the Happy Cocooning burner. You will also receive more than enough lava stones, a stainless steel lid to close your Happy Cocooning burner after use and a 100 cm long gas hose.


The only thing you need to order to complete your fire table is a matching Happy Cocooning glass casing, UK gas regulator and a gass bottle!

The Happy Cocooning wine cooler

Would you like to enjoy a refreshing drink instead of a cozy fire on hot summer days? Swap your Happy Cocooning built-in burner with the Happy Cocooning wine cooler! You can also put it in your homemade fire table next to it