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Sparkly Fire cheap gas burners

Make your own fire table with one of the competitively priced Sparkly Fire gas fire pit burners. Sparkly Fire is a new Dutch brand that has been available on the built-in burner market since 2020. The built-in burners are characterized by their excellent quality, smoke-free flames and competitive price. Complete your Sparkly Fire set with a glass casing!

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The safety and consumption of the Sparkly Fire built-in burners

Would you like to make a fire table by yourself? Then you'll need to use a CE-certified built-in burner. The Sparkly Fire fire table burner is the perfect entry-level model when you get started. All Sparkly Fire built-in burners are equipped with a CE approval including pin number. This means that Sparkly Fire meets all European requirements in the field of safety, health and the environment.


The 9kW Sparkly Fire built-in burners give beautiful flames where there is no smoke or sparks. This way you can enjoy your new homemade fire table without any worries.

Complete your Sparkly Fire fire table with matching accessories

Provide an extra safe environment and complete your Sparkly Fire set with the matching glass casing. We always recommend a glass casing if the fire table is in a place where children or pets can reach the flames. In addition, a glass conversion ensures a more beautiful, constant flame, because wind cannot blow the flames away. The Sparkly Fire fire table burners are delivered including lava stones, stainless steel lid and a gas hose. You can order the Enjoyfires ceramic logs from the burner to complete the picture!

Connect your fire table to natural gas

It is also possible to connect the Sparkly Fire built-in burner to natural gas instead of a gas bottle with propane gas. Use the special Sparkly Fire conversion kits for this. Conversion of a built-in burner to natural gas must always be done by a recognized gas installer.

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