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Gas fire pit

Gas fire pit

Are you going to make your own fire table? At Greenlabshop you buy certified built-in burners from Enjoyfires, Cosi and Happy Cocooning. The built-in burners from Enjoyfires have the most beautiful flame and the best price. The built-in burners use propane gas.

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    Sparkly Fire built-in burner 40x40 cm

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    Sparkly Fire built-in burner round Ø40 cm

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Make your own fire table with a built-in burner

Are you a handy-man? Turn your dining table or coffee table into a luxury fire table yourself. You can do this with one of the certified built-in burners from our popular Enjoyfires brand or with one of the certified built-in burners from Happy Cocooning or Cosi. The built-in burners of these three brands are available in various sizes, starting from 32 by 32 centimeters to 99 by 32 centimeters.

The advantages of a built-in burner

When you start making a fire table, it is important that you choose a safe built-in burner. Never make a built-in burner yourself! Since you work with gas, it can lead to a dangerous situation. When you choose a prefabricated built-in burner, you enjoy many advantages. You can already make a fire table for only £300. In addition, you can let your creativity run wild and create a fire table that is perfectly adapted to your garden. You also have no hassle with a built-in gas burner that it takes a long time before you can enjoy the flame. Even if you only want to sit in the garden for fifteen minutes, anything is possible!

Discount on the built-in burners and accessories

Do you want to buy a built-in burner and accessories? Then view one of our built-in burners, scroll down and find high discounts when you purchase the products as a bundle. You buy the Enjoyfires 42x42x14 cm with a £20 discount and you also get a 10% discount when you immediately order logs and / or a glass conversion.

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