How do I fill a flower planter? 6 quick tips!

Flower planters are becoming larger and larger. A beautiful trend is are the large fibreglass planters and corten steel planters. But how do you actually fill such a large planter? On this page, we give you six tips on how you can make your garden shine with beautifully filled large flower planter.

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1 ] Choose one species that will be the star of the flower planter

It is important that you choose a plant type that is clearly present in your planter. For example, in a large planter you can plant a beautiful tree, such as an olive tree or a plane tree. An amber tree as a shrub (Liquidambar styraciflua) gets beautiful autumn colours and is therefore a good choice. Do you prefer a plant that is not so high? Then choose a leaf plant, such as the curry plant (Helichrysum) and silver leaf (Senecio). Plant these leafy plants in the center of the planter.

2 ] Plant beautiful flowering plants or ornamental grasses around your tree of leafy plant

You can plant some bedding plants around the leafy plant or tree. For example, beautiful marigolds, a group of hanging petunias, dichondra (hanging plant with grey / silver leaves) or verbena. What you see often are the so-called ornamental grasses. There are hundreds of types of ornamental grasses. From Japanese ornamental grass to pampas grass and from beautiful reeds to field piping.

3 ] Ensure a good balance in your flower planter

The bedding plants must match the "star" in terms of colour. If you opt for a bright yellow curry plant, do not combine this with blue violets and orange marigolds, because then a strange mix will be created. Do not put too many plants in the flower planter, because they will continue to grow. Take into account a distance of about 25 centimetres between plants.

4 ] Hydro grains on the bottom of the flower planter

Before planting plants in the flower planter, fill the flower planter with a layer of hydro grains. These hydro grains form a drainage layer at the bottom of flower planter, which improves the water balance and you can enjoy a beautiful result for longer.

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5 ] Potting soil, how much do you need?

Provide sufficient potting soil to fill a flower planter. Use the "How much potting soil do I need?" - calculator. In that way you know for sure that you don't get too much or too little potting soil.

6 ] Give your plants enough water in the summer

Do you fill the flower planter during the summer? Water the plants sufficiently. When it is not raining for weeks, the plants and trees can dry out. With a little love it will be all right!