How to build a fire table yourself

how to build a gas fire pit table

A beautiful gas fire pit table. You can buy them in all shapes and sizes, but it is also affordable to make one yourself. With one of our certified gas fire pits, you can make the fire table of your dreams. Even if you have no experience as a handyman, it is not too difficult to make this kind of furniture yourself.

How to make a fire table from wood

You can find many building plans and blueprints for scaffolding wood garden tables on the internet. Choose a model that you like and start building. Common materials that are used by our customers are scaffolding wood, hardwood or scrap wood or a combination of these materials. Scrap wood gives a nice rustic effect to the gas fire pit table. The benefit of these materials is that they are not expensive. If it doesn’t work out as expected, you will be richer in your experience and it will probably go better next time.

To give you an idea: If you want to make a gas fire pit table of approximately 80 by 80 cm and 55 cm high, you need the following materials:

  • Four boards of 2.50 meters long with a width of 30 centimetres
  • Two beams from the hardware store of 30 by 30 mm and 2.50 meters long and a box with self-drilling screws
  • The built-in fire table of 40 by 40 cm would fit perfectly in the middle here
  • Because of the height of 55 cm the gas bottle will fit neatly under the fire table

Note: Do not forget to install a door for the gas bottle and carefully cut out the hole for the built-in burner. Give the gas fire pit table its own style with a nice layer of whitewash or grey wash or choose another colour that fits nicely with the other furniture in your garden.

How to make a fire place in a brick basket

Another idea is to build the gas fire pit in a low brick wall. You can use a part of the wall to sit on and you can use a part as a fire pit.

How do you proceed?

  1. First, determine the size of the wall and make a galvanized construction steel mat to measure the size. You can make this at a local hardware store in your neighbourhood. If you are handy with a grinder, then you can grind the wall parts to size.
  2. Attach the parts for the top, bottom and sides together with a ring tong.
  3. Fill the brick basket with lava blocks, stones or whatever you like.
  4. Make a recess for the burner at the top.

The advanced brick basket builder can also place the built-in burner in a niche in a high brick basket wall. You create space for the built-in burner halfway the wall. Finish the niche with material that can withstand heat well. Ensure that the fire can be seen clearly from eye level. Make an extra space for wood storage if necessary. This way the fire seems completely lifelike!

Did everything succeed? Then enjoy the fire, the warmth and the beautiful fire element that you have made!

Not a handyman? 

Would you rather buy a fire table ready-made? Then take a look at our gas fire pit tables assortment with various types of fire tables. We have fire tables made of scaffolding wood, douglas wood, aluminium, composite and magnesium.

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