How to maintain a Mobilane Green Screen?

To enjoy your hedges to the fullest, it is important to take good care of them. You must take the following into account: pruning your hedges, root growth, discolouring of the leaves, taking care during the winter, irrigation and fertilizing your hedges. On this page, we will discuss all these points. Do you already know which variety of the Mobilane Green Screen you would like to have? You can find the different species here

1.      How often do I need to prune?

The Mobilane Green Screens will keep on growing. Depending on how wide you would like to have the Green Screen, you need to prune the hedge once or twice a year. The best months for pruning are April/May and September/October. The new shoots of your Green Screen can still grow and harden off for winter. You only need to prune the new shoots.

Do you have a Hedera? If you would like to grow your Hedera more densely, you need to let the vines grow and not prune during the initial period. After this, you  need to trail the new hedera shoots through the grid.

2.      How to let the roots grow perfectly

The roots of the Green Screens grow above and below the surface. It is important that they will have enough space to grow. They should not be hampered by disruptive layers of plastic or concrete elements.

3.      Discolouring of the leaves

It is normal that the leaves of the Green Screens are discolouring during the winter period. Discolouration of the leaves makes for a reddish/copper appearance. It is very common for the Hedera helix ‘Woerner’ to change its colour when the days are getting colder.

*These are the leaves of a Liquidambar styraciflua

4.      How should I care for my hedges during the first winter?

You can plant almost all year round (if there is no frost in the soil), but Mobilane advises to plant the Green Screens as long as possible before the winter starts. You need to ensure that the Green Screens are watered enough in order to develop a good root system.

Will it start to freeze soon? Give your Mobilane Green Screens enough water before this period. When the soil is frozen, the plants cannot absorb water, but it will still lose moisture by evaporation through its leaves.

During periods of light snow or frosty surface, the Green Screens need to be watered normally.

5.      How often do I need to water my Green Screens?

It is important to water your Green Screens throughout the year. During the most critical period (the first year after planting / hot summers), it’s important that the Green Screens receive sufficient water (about 30 litres per screen) on a regular basis.

Be aware that you do not give your Green Screens too much water. If this is the case, the roots can rot away. Ensure that the soil is dry between watering.

6.      Do I need to fertilize my Mobilane Green Screens?

Yes, it is necessary to regularly fertilize your Mobilane Green Screens in order to encourage their growth and leaf development. Mobilane advises to use slow-release fertilizers once a year (in the spring). If you’ve planted your Green Screens before August 15th, fertilize the screens one month after installation. If planted after August 15th, only fertilize the screens in the spring.  

The type of fertilizer to use depends on the nutritional level of the soil. On poor or exhausted soils additional fertilizer is needed. If you are unsure as to the nutritional level of the soil or which fertilizer to use, a soil sample can be analyzed by a soil testing laboratory.”

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