Make a concrete gas fire pit in 6 steps!

How to make a concrete gas fire pit table yourself, read our 6 easy steps

The garden trend of this year; concrete fire tables. But what exactly are concrete fire tables and how can you make one yourself when you are on a small budget? Keep on reading and we will be happy to explain more about concrete fire tables and we will show you how to make one yourself in 6 easy steps!

What is a concrete gas fire pit table?

A concrete fire pit table is a concrete table with a built-in bio-ethanol or gas burner. The concrete fire pit table is used in a garden and gives off heat, so you can enjoy the warmth on long summer evenings. On top of a built-in gas burner, you can place lava stones and ceramic logs. A gas hose is attached to the built-in gas burner, often with a length of 1 to 1.20 meters. You attach the gas hose to a 5kg propane gas bottle. Do you choose for a built-in bio-ethanol burner? Then you cannot place lava stones or ceramic logs on top of it. The advantage of a bio-ethanol burner is that you do not have a gas hose and gas bottle.

The advantages and disadvantages of a concrete fire table

Do you have a concrete fire pit table in mind or do you want to make one yourself? Then it is good to consider the advantages and disadvantages of a concrete fire pit table. We have listed them below for you.

Make a concrete gas fire pit table yourself!

The advantages of a concrete fire pit table (and making one yourself):

  1. It is also possible with a smaller budget to make a concrete fire table yourself;
  2. It gives a robust look to your garden and a lot of satisfaction when you have made one yourself;
  3. Concrete fits in many garden designs, from industrial to minimalist and even bohemian;
  4. More design freedom; You can make a concrete fire pit table in all shapes and sizes.

The disadvantages of a concrete fire pit table (and making one yourself):

  1. Often there is no space in a concrete fire table to store the gas bottle;
  2. It takes some time to make a concrete fire table yourself and if it is not going well, you cannot easily fix it.

Where are you going to place the new concrete fire table?

Do you want to put your new concrete fire table indoors or outdoors? Depending on this choice, you have to choose the right built-in burner. Do you want to be able to use the concrete fire table indoors? Then pick a bioethanol burner. The bio-ethanol burners can be used indoors without any problems, you only need to provide a good flow of sufficient oxygen (read the manual before use). Do you want to place the concrete fire table outside? Then choose for a gas burner. When making a concrete gas fire table you have to take into account that you need enough space for the gas hose and the control buttons.

Do you know which burner you would like? Then it is time to look at the size of the built-in burner. Below we have listed the 4 most popular burners for you. Prefer to view the entire range of our gas burners? Then go to the category 'Gas fire pits'. Would you like to see all our bio ethanol burners? Then have a look at our category 'Bio ethanol'.

Get started with making a concrete fire table by yourself

Let's get started! To make a concrete fire table you need a number of products, namely:

  • Concrete mixture / concrete mortar
  • Mesh or grid to reinforce the fire table (which you place in the concrete)
  • A bucket to mix in the concrete
  • Lubricant so that you get the concrete fire table out of the mold
  • Work gloves
  • Cardboard or a large plastic container to use as a mold (you need an inner and an outer mold)
  • Sandpaper to smoothen the concrete fire pit table
  • A built-in burner (never make it yourself, but buy a certified and tested built-in burner)

Step 1: Start making the mold for your concrete fire pit table

First we start making the mold for the concrete fire table. You can do this with, for example, cardboard, wooden boards or two plastic containers. Make sure that you also have enough space for placing the burner, a gas hose and the control knobs (if you use a gas fire pit burner). You need to have enough space to reach everything with your hands.

Step 2: Making the concrete mixture

Make sure you have work gloves or other gloves on while making the concrete and filling the molds. Mix the concrete powder in a bucket and fill it with water (check the instructions on the package). Keep stirring in order to get a smooth mixture.

Step 3: Filling the molds for your concrete fire table

Coat the molds with lubricant, sunflower oil or something else. This makes it a bit easier to eventually remove the concrete fire table from the molds! Have you done this? Then it is time to fill the large mold with the concrete mixture.

Fill out the molds evenly. Is the large mold sufficiently filled? Then place the smaller mold for the built-in burner in the concrete fire table. Do you choose the gas burner? Keep in mind that you need sufficient space for the gas hose and the control knobs. To strengthen the fire table, you could place mesh in the concrete. As an extra decoration for the concrete fire table, you can place colored glass shards in it.

Step 4: Allow the concrete fire table to dry properly

Let the concrete fire pit table dry for a few days, of course you want to enjoy the best result! Especially when you are making a sturdy concrete fire table, it still takes almost a week to dry properly.

Step 5: Sand the fire table and let it dry further

Is your concrete fire table dry now? Then it's time to take it out of the mold! This should be relatively easy if you have lubricated the molds with a lubricant. You can then sand the concrete fire table with sandpaper to get it nice and smooth.

After that, let the concrete fire table stand for some time so that it can dry well from the inside. You can then rub it in with a damp sponge every day to make it darker.

Step 6: Enjoying your new concrete fire table can begin!

Place the built-in burner in your concrete fire table (and connect the gas bottle). You can now enjoy the warm fire! To complete the picture you can complete the gas burner with ceramic logs. You can also place a matching glass surround around the built-in burner. This way you can create a safe environment in no time.

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