Ivy on screen | Instant privacy in your garden

Are you going to renovate your garden and would you like to place a new green screen? Then an ivy on screen is definitely worth considering! With an ivy green screen you will create a green oasis in an instant. You can off course choose to grown small ivy plants on a screen, but it’s a lot easier and quicker to by a full grown ivy green screen.

The instant Ivy hedge 

Do you want an evergreen fence that is easy to install? The ivy is the perfect choice for you.

The ivy is a fast grower and is easy to plant. The ivy hedge requires little maintenance, remains green all year round and it is no problem to place the hedge in the shade. When you choose to place your own fence and plant small ivy plants, please keep in mind that it takes a couple of years for the ivy to grow to a full height hedge (180 or 200cm). So it will take some time before your can enjoy full privacy in your garden.

Ook andere haagsoorten zijn natuurlijk geschikt wanneer je zelf een groene schutting gaat maken in de tuin. Bij het kiezen van de juiste klimophaag, houd dan rekening met de volgende punten:

  • In what kind of soil do you want to place the Ivy? For example, do you have a new-build home and will the hedge be in clay?
  • Do you place the Ivy in in the sun or predominantly in the shade?
  • Does the hedge need to stay green all year round or do you want a hedge that turns red / brown in autumn?

Do you prefer immediate privacy in your garden? Opt for a full grown ivy on screen

Don't feel like waiting a few growing seasons until your ivy hedge is completely overgrown against a screen? Then choose a full instant green screen hedge! These ivy hedges have already grown to full height at the nursery. You can choose from various heights, such as the popular heights of 1.80m or 2.20m! 

Klimop op een hekwerk - direct een volgroeide haag

Go to the Ivy green screen

Do you prefer an other kind of hedge? Take a look on our website, we have a wide range of instant hedges. The hedges are really easy to place and can also be placed between wooden fences. This way you playfully alternate your fence with wood and green!