How to make your own built-in burner?

Do you want to make a fire table by yourself? Buy a certified built-in burner. We advise to never try to make a built-in burner by yourself. This can be very dangerous, and we will explain you why...

A built-in burner is a product in which gas is converted into a flame. The built-in burners that we sell on Greenlabshop are CE approved. This means that they meet strict safety requirements.

Built in burners

There are handymen who like to make a built-in burner themselves. We do not recommend this, especially if you have no experience with gas burners. Flames can break in, causing the gas cylinder to explode. Gas leaks can also occur with compression fittings or the gas hose can melt. In addition, a security protocol must always be built in. Don't just think of yourself, but also about your family members and neighbours!

The most do-it-yourselfers choose to buy a CE-approved built-in burner and build their own unique fire table around it. At you can already buy a built-in burner starting from 221 pounds. Take into account that you need around 100 to 150 pounds of material and your unique fire table is ready! Many handymen make a table from scaffolding wood or hardwood, but it is also possible to work with other materials, such as aluminium and stainless steel.

Which brand of built-in burner should I buy?

You will find different brands at, like Enjoyfires, Cosi-Fires and Happy Cocooning. Enjoyfires has the lowest price, but is certainly not a budget burner. In our experience, the built-in burners from Enjoyfires give the most beautiful flame. Cosi and Happy Cocooning are the established names and therefore slightly more expensive. All these burners are available in different sizes, so you will always find a burner that fits perfect in your table.

A selection from our range

We have built-in burners in our collection from 4 different brands: 

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What should you beware of?

A gas cylinder is connected to a built-in burner. Use a 5 kg propane gas bottle, don’t use butane gas. Most fire tables have a special side cabinet where you can put the gas bottle. If you want make a low fire table - for example 20 cm high - then the gas bottle must be next to the table or you have to make a side cabinet for the gas bottle. Never tilt the gas bottle! Make the fire table at least 55 cm high to stall the gas bottle under need the table.