Outdoor fireplaces: 6 tips to create more light and heat in your garden

An outdoor fireplace will be an ambiance creator in your garden. When the night starts, the fire illuminates you and your friends or family members. In addition, a pleasant heat is created. But what is the perfect outdoor fireplace?

1. Would you like to burn wood or on gas?

The most important question is whether you want to burn wood or prefer the convenience of gas. An outdoor fireplace burned on wood is much cheaper, both in terms of purchase and use. However, a gas fireplace has other advantages. For example, it makes no sense to sit outside for a few minutes if you light a fire on wood, while you can use a gas fire for a few minutes.

2. What is your budget?

Of course the budget is decisive. A simple fire bowl costs around 100 pounds, while a gabion stove costs at least a thousand pounds. The material also determines the price tag. A corten steel garden fireplace can be hundreds of pounds more expensive than a black coated steel garden fireplace. Determine how much you have to spend before you start searching, then the search for your perfect patio fireplace is much easier.

3. Do you place the fireplace under a shelter?

Does the outdoor fireplace come under a roof or in an extension? Then it is important that the vapours can go away. Order one or more stove pipes.

4. Do you want to make a fireplace by yourself or not?

Fire tables are becoming increasingly popular and can also be used as a outdoor fireplace. You can easily make a fire table yourself. Buy some scaffolding wooden planks at the local hardware store and start building a firetable! You do need a built-in burner for your own fire table.

5. What about a low fire table?

A disadvantage of a fire table is that the height is at least 30-40 centimetres, because there must be a gas bottle in the table. An alternative is that you dig a hole under the table and that the gas bottle is placed in the ground.

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