Planters of various materials

At you can buy various planters directly online. The planters are available in different materials, shapes, sizes and colours. View the different categories below and order your favorite planter now. Free shipment to the UK!

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Looking for an outdoor planter? Discover the wide range of Greenlabshop

Give your garden a summery or modern look with the most beautiful planters. When you buy your new outdoor planters online at Greenlabshop, you don't have to carry them yourself. We deliver your favorite planters, no matter how big, right to your front door.


You can buy different types of planters in our collection. Want to give your garden a natural look? Then view the hardwood or scaffolding wood planters. We also have various fibreglass planters from Enjoyplanters that you should definitely not miss!

Give your garden a modern look with a fibreglass planter

Sustainable planters that you can enjoy for years? Those are the fibreglass planters from Enjoyplanters! The Enjoyplanters fibreglass planters are directly available from stock and available in the colors anthracite-black and white.


The Enjoyplanters fibreglass planters are available in a standard number of sizes. You can leave the planters outside all year round without any worries. They do not absorb water or moisture, so they cannot freeze to pieces in the winter. In addition, the fibreglass planters are sturdy and lightweight. You can easily place them in the garden.


The Enjoyplanters fibreglass planters are not 100% waterproof, but you can place them indoors. Then do not put hydro granules in the planter and do not use hydroponics. If you put the plants in the planter with only soil, no water will remain at the bottom of the planter.

Hedges on your balcony or roof terrace? Choose hedgeing planters!

Do you want more nature and privacy on your balcony or roof terrace? Choose ready-made hedges in a hedge planter. With the hedge planters you can choose from fibreglass hedge planters or hardwood hedge planters. There are posts on both sides of the hedge troughs. The ready-to-use hedge is attached in between. You can order individual hedge planters from us, but also hedge planters complete with ready-made hedge.

Design your own planter to the shapes of your garden

A planter that fits perfectly with the shapes of your garden? Put it together yourself with the new modular planter system from Enjoyplanters! The modular planter system consists of various parts, such as straight elements in different lengths, inner corners and outer corners. With these parts you can make a planter as long as you want. You can also use the modular system to create a border around existing trees or to build a raised plant border against the side of the house.


The modular system is available in two heights and in two colours: 40 cm and 80 cm, and anthracite-black and white. You dig a small part of the modular system into the ground, so that the final height is around 35 and 70 cm.

Concrete planters for indoor and outdoor use: LIV planters

In addition to fibreglass planters, Enjoyplanters also has modern concrete planters in its range. The concrete planters are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so that there is a planter for every taste.


The concrete planters have a sturdy hardwood base. Place the concrete planters in an industrial or modern interior and they will come into their own.

Hardwood planters for the best price

Do you want to buy hardwood planters for the best price? Choose the Falco collection from Enjoyplanters. The Falco collection consists of 29 different hardwood planters. The hardwood planters are equipped with feet and anti-root cloth. You still have to assemble the Falco wooden planter yourself upon delivery. You can easily do this with the supplied materials.