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Green wall in frame

Create a beautiful green plant wall in your living, learning or working environment in an instant. The ‘Green walls in frame’ are available in various ivy species, like the Jasmine, Buxus or go for a Jungle look! You can also purchase the artificial hedges without the frame.

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Looking for a easy to maintain green wall?

With the Green walls with frame you can create a green environment within minutes. Since the artificial hedges are made of high quality plastics, you do not have to worry about giving them too little or too much water. You can go on holiday without any worries!

The green walls are made of top quality materials

All our artificial hedges have an UV-resistant coating, which keeps the colors vibrant. Even after hanging in the sun for many years, they will look like brand new! 

A green wall with frame

The green walls are made of sturdy aluminum and are lightweight. This allows you to hang it indoors and outdoors without any problems. Each frame has a size of 67x67x5 cm. The artificial hedge that is located on the inside has a size of 50x50 cm. You can also purchase the hedges separately.

Discover the different types of green walls! Which one suits your home?

In our collection you will find different types of hedges. Would you like a lush jungle-like look? Then choose the Jungle with white flowers or the Dense Fern. Do you prefer a more relaxed look? Then choose the Jasmine hedge or the Ivy hedge.