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Planters for instant hedging

Fibreglass and hardwood planters for instant hedging

Below you can select all types of hedge planters that you need for placing your ready-made hedge on your (roof) terrace or balcony. There are planters for one hedge or planters for multiple hedges. 

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  1. £ 10 discount

    Fibreglass planter for instant hedging Lupine 137x50x50 cm | Black-grey

    £ 448.43

    £ 437.90

    In Stock
    5-10 days
  2. £ 20 discount

    Hardwood planter for instant hedging 144x45x45 cm

    £ 361.28

    £ 340.15

    25-30 business days
    Free delivery & Buyer protection.
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