Instant hedging: all the benefits

Are you looking for a nice green fence for the garden? One that offers privacy, looks attractive and natural, but requires little maintenance? Then instant hedging is a good choice. Below you can see all the benefits at a glance!

Instant hedging creates ambiance and repels curious looks

Have you bought a new house or are you redecorating your garden? Then your garden will be no longer a bare, unpleasant environment. By placing instant hedging, you immediately create ambiance. Even when the garden still needs to be decorated. In addition, the instant hedging also provides a bit of privacy. Curious neighbours can't just look inside your garden and your house anymore. Certainly when the new curtains take a while to be delivered.

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Instant hedging requires little maintenance

Do you not have green fingers, but do you find a standard garden with wooden fencing and full paving, also uninspiring? Then instant hedging is your solution! It gives your garden a natural look and attracts small animals and insects. The nice thing about instant hedging is that it requires little maintenance. Prune twice a year and the hedge looks great all year round. You can read everything about maintaining instant hedges here.

Instant hedging contributes to a healthy environment

Plants provide oxygen and purify the air. Because instant hedging is completely overgrown with plants, they contribute to a healthier environment. With instant hedging in your garden you simulate biodiversity. The quality hedges from our growers come especially in a biodegradable coconut planter that does not have to be removed during planting. This way you know for sure that you are giving something back to nature.

You can enjoy your instant hedging immediately

Another big advantage of instant hedging is that you can immediately enjoy it. When you purchase young hedge plants or cuttings, it takes years before the hedge is fully grown. Moreover, it requires a lot of maintenance to care for and grow the plants. There is a chance that the plants or cuttings will not survive in a period of heavy frost. With a hardy ready-to-use hedge, such as the Hedera Helix Woerner or the Euonymus Dart's Blanket, you won't be bothered by this. Or rather: you will enjoy it for years!

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