The Euonymus as instant hedge

Euonymus dart's blanket

Are you looking for an amazing instant hedge or ivy screen to place in your garden? Then you might have come across the Euonymus already. In this article we would like to tell you everything there is to know about having the Euonymus as an instant hedge and why this is an excellent choice!

In the UK, Euonymus also grows in the wild. However, this type of Euonymus is different from the Euonymus that you can find on our website. The native variant loses its leaves in the winter, whilst the instant hedges on our website maintain their leaves all year. The winter-hardy Euonymus that can be bought from a plant nursery is generally grown in Northeast Asia. Moreover, the green coloured leaves of the Euonymus change to a beautiful yellow/orange colour in winter.

Different variations of Euonymus

There are different variations available of the Euonymus. We sell the Euonymus Dart’s Blanket, for example. The leaves of the Euonymus Dart’s Blanket vary from an oval to elliptic shape, have a glossy look and are a gorgeous dark green colour in spring and summer. In autumn and winter the leaves turn to a beautiful orange and red.

Besides Dart’s Blanket there are many more variations available on the market, such as Vegetus, Emerald ‘n Gaiety and Emerald ‘n Gold. Altogether there are approximately 180 different variations in the Euonymus plant family. Just like the Dart’s Blanket, most Euonymus plants have elliptic shaped leaves.

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Privacy all year round with the Euonymus

As mentioned before, the Euonymus is a winter-hardy hedge. We recommend the Euonymus for instant hedging when you would like to have privacy in your garden all year round. Besides being winter-hardy, this hedging plant is also disease resistant

When you order the Euonymus instant hedging on our website, you will receive a fully-grown hedge. At the beginning the hedge might still need to grow a bit denser, so it is possible that you can still slightly look through it. However, it does not take long for the hedge to grow denser once you have planted it in your garden.

Different types of Euonymus instant hedging

In our online store we have the Euonymus instant hedge available with a size of 120x180 (WxH). When you receive this hedge from our nursery, it will be fully grown to 180 cm.  

A low-maintenance hedge

The Euonymus is a low-maintenance plant. It is sufficient to trim the Euonymus hedge twice a year in order to prevent overgrowth. This way you will have a healthy and aesthetically appealing hedge throughout the year.

It is important, however, to regularly water the hedge, especially in the first year after its been planted. By regularly watering the hedge, the leaves’ glossy look will remain.

How does the Euonymus hedge look in real-life?

Would you like to know what the Euonymus hedge looks like after it’s just been planted? We have compiled a webpage of pictures taken by our customers of the Euonymus hedge.