The Hedera Helix Woerner: reasons why you should plant this hedge in your garden!

Hedera helix ivy screen

The Hedera Helix Woerner is a popular type of garden hedge. Once planted, the Hedera Helix Woerner will thrive in your garden, as it is a strong and fast-growing ivy. In this article we will share with you the many great things that you should know about the Hedera Helix Woerner.

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What kind of plant is the Hedera Helix Woerner?

The Hedera Helix Woerner is available as a climbing plant and as a groundcover plant. When people are looking for the Hedera Helix Woerner, they are usually looking for the climbing plant.

The Hedera Helix Woerner is a beautiful ivy with dark green leaves. The dark green leaves are contrasted with the lighter leaf veins.

The benefits of having a Hedera Helix Woerner

The Hedera Helix Woerner is a disease-resistant type of hedge. This is part of the reason why this is such a popular garden hedge. Even more so because the Hedera is a fast-growing ivy that can grow up to one metres in just one year!

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Moreover, the Hedera Helix Woerner is a winter-hardy hedge and maintains its leaves all year, even in winter. Which means that if you place the Hedera Helix Woerner instant hedge on the border of your property, you will have privacy in your garden all year round!

Take note: not everyone likes it when the Hedera grows on the walls of their home. The Hedera Helix Woerner is a self-clinging climber after all, and can encroach on the walls of your home and on other joints and cracks. If this is not what you want, then it is of vital importance that you properly trim the Hedera at least twice a year. You can also prune the Hedera more frequently, by removing dead sections or other overgrown areas where needed.

Is the Hedera Helix Woerner poisonous?

If you have any pets or children, it is important to know if the Hedera Helix Woerner is poisonous or not.

The leaves and the berries of the Hedera Helix Woerner contain hederagenin, which is a poisonous constituent. When you properly maintain the Hedera hedge by trimming it twice a year and using a sufficient amount of fertilizer, there will be no growth of berries. However, the Hedera Helix Woerner is a type of hedge that maintains its leaves and keeps its green appearance all year round. For this reason, make sure that your pets do not eat from the Hedera. It sounds a lot worse than it actually is, since many houseplants are also poisonous to pets.

A human being can get ill from eating the Hedera leaves. However, touching the leaves is not dangerous.

How much does a Hedera Helix Woerner cost?

Stem cuttings of the Hedera Helix Woerner can be bought for a small price. Accordingly, you can grow the ivy on walls, a fence or on a steel grid.

The Hedera Helix Woerner instant hedge

Besides stem cuttings you can also buy a Hedera Helix Woerner instant hedge or ivy screen. The cost of an instant hedge of 1,20 m wide is at a minimum price of £ 163.

In our assortment we sell different sizes of Hedera Helix Woerner instant hedging that are grown at the plant nursery ‘Mobilane’. We have 5 different sizes of the Hedera Helix Woerner instant hedging available. All sizes are width by height:

You will receive a full-grown hedge when you purchase a Hedera Helix Woerner instant hedge. At the plant nursery, the Hedera has already been growing against a steel grid for a couple of growing seasons. This means that when the instant hedge is delivered to you, it already has reached the desired height. It will then only need one more growing season until it is completely full-grown.

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The instant hedging is by default 120 cm wide. If this doesn’t work out for your garden, then it is possible to customize the width. By using a hacksaw or grinder you can carefully make the steel grid more narrow or shorter.

Installing the Hedera Helix Woerner instant hedge

The Hedera Helix Woerner instant hedge is installed in virtually the same way as a picket fence. The first step is to dig a trench, after which you place two wooden posts 130 cm apart from each other. Next, place the instant hedging in the trench, in between the two wooden posts. Lastly, you need to attach the instant hedging to the wooden posts by using mounting brackets. Click here for the complete guide.