The pros and cons of a bio ethanol fireplace

Bio ethanol firepits and fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular, especially in new homes. In new homes there is often no flue pipe or chimney available to install such things as a woodburning stove or fireplace. With a bio ethanol fireplace this is not required, which makes it an easy task to install one in your home. If you are exploring the different types of bio ethanol fire pits and fireplaces, it is helpful to have a clear idea of what the pros and cons are. We are happy to help you with this!

The pros of a bio ethanol fireplace

1. Creates a lot of atmosphere in your home without making major adjustments

A bio ethanol fireplace creates a lot of atmosphere, without you needing to make any major adjustments in your home. There are various bio ethanol tabletop burners that you can place on any table or cabinet. Additionally, there are modern wall-mounted fireplaces that you can easily install on the wall without the help of a handyman. In this way, it is possible to create atmosphere anywhere, even in your bedroom or office.

2. Clean and low-cost fuel

Bio ethanol is a so-called clean fuel. Bio ethanol burns clean, which means there is no emission of harmful substances or pollutants. In addition, virtually no scent is emitted.

It is relatively cheap to keep your ethanol fireplace running. You can purchase bio ethanol fuel cans for a very decent price per piece.

3. Bio ethanol fireplaces are easy to use

Bio ethanol fireplaces are incredibly easy to use. The only thing you need to do is fill up the burner with bio ethanol fuel and ignite the burner with a long-reach (!) lighter. Within just a few seconds you will notice small flames. The flames will become more noticeable when the fire is burning for a longer time.

4. Pick a safe bio ethanol fireplace

All our bio ethanol fireplaces are provided with a CE-marking. This means that our products conform to the European requirements of safety and environmental protection standards. Please ensure that you handle the product carefully and responsibly.

5. A bio ethanol fireplace is an inexpensive alternative

A bio ethanol fireplace is much lower in price than a heater or gas fireplace. You can purchase a safe bio ethanol fireplace for only £ 55 in our shop.

6. You can build your own bio ethanol fireplace

Are you practical and creative? Then you can build your own bio ethanol fireplace or firetable with the use of a bio ethanol burner in a few simple steps. Our bio ethanol built-in burners are available starting from £ 26, in different shapes and sizes.

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The cons of a bio ethanol fireplace

1. Provides less heat than wood burning fireplaces

With a wood burning fireplace you can easily warm up your home, especially in wintertime. This is not possible with a bio ethanol fireplace, as it does not provide enough heat compared to the wood burning fireplace. A bio ethanol fireplace releases approximately 2-4 kW of heat, which is comparable to a normal heater.

2. Opening a window for fresh air

If you have a bio ethanol fireplace in your home, it is recommended to always have a window opened, because the bio ethanol burner or fireplace consumes oxygen. Whilst the window does not have to be wide open, it is important to create a supply of fresh air in your home.

3. A bio ethanol fireplace can be dangerous

A bio ethanol fireplace can be dangerous. The fireplace or burner can become very hot, with the risk of burning yourself. If the fireplace is shut down because it ran out of bio ethanol fuel, then you should wait for at least 30 minutes until you refill it! It can seem like the fireplace is shut down, but this is not necessarily the case.