The pros and cons of a gas fire pit

Gas fire pit - make your own gas fire pit table

Do you want to make a fire table or fire column yourself and are you looking for a gas fire pit? How do you know what the best gas fire pit is? And what do you need? We have listed all the advantages and disadvantages for you, so choosing the right gas fire pit becomes a lot easier!

The pros of a gas fire pit 

Advantage 1 - Make your own fire table at low cost

When you purchase a gas fire pit, you can make your own fire table. Scaffolding wood to make a fire table costs an average of £ 100, so for just over £ 300, you can realize your own fire table. In addition, a self-built fire table naturally fits perfectly into the design of your garden.

Advantage 2 – Let your creativity run free

This advantage of course ties in perfectly with the previous advantage. If you make a fire table yourself, you can give free rein to your creativity in an inexpensive way. Would you prefer a ready-made fire table? Then take a look at our extensive range of fire tables!

Advantage 3 – Your safety comes first

The gas fire pits of all our brands - Enjoyfires, Sparkly Fire, Happy Cocooning and Cosi-fires - are CE certified. They have been officially tested and declared safe in order to use. In addition, all our gas fire pits have been sold thousands of times and we have always had good experiences with our producers!

Advantage 4 - No hassle with wood, quickly turn on the fire table

The advantage of a gas fire pit is that you can easily switch the fire pit on and off. Do you want to enjoy a cozy flame for five minutes? No problem. This is slightly different for a fireplace fired with wood. First, there is a higher risk of a fire hazard. Also, you can't leave while the wood is still burning. In addition, you have to buy wood and the smell of scorched wood can linger for days.

Advantage 5 - Guaranteed the lowest price

The cheapest gas fire pit that we currently offer are the Sparkly Fire gas fire pits (starting from £ 218). You will not find these gas fire pits cheaper anywhere! In addition, the Enjoyfires gas fire pits also have a good price-quality ratio. Both fire pits give off beautiful flames and do not generate smoke or sparks.

Advantage 6 - Complete your fire table or gas fire pit with accessories

Would you like to put ceramic logs in the fire? Or do you want safety glass around the gas fire pit? At Greenlabshop you can order both products with a gas fire pit. Did you know that the Happy Cocooning built-in gas fire pits are supplied with ceramic logs as standard?

Complete your gas fire pit with accessories

Have a look at our gas fire pits

Possible disadvantages of gas fire pits

Disadvantage 1 - Number of fixed sizes

We supply gas fire pits in a number of fixed standard sizes. However, we cannot produce a custom gas fire pit. If you want a custom gas fire pit, you need to go to an installer. The price can then rise.

Disadvantage 2 - Replace gas bottles

All our gas fire pits use propane bottled gas. This means that you have to connect a small gas bottle to a fire table/gas fire pit. Such a gas bottle lasts 10 to 30 hours, depending on the height of a flame. Do you want to connect a fire table to natural gas? This is possible, but you need to purchase the 'Natural gas conversion kit' too. It is only possible with the Enjoyfires gas fire pits. Please be aware that you let a certified gas installer instal the natural gas conversion kit to your gas fire pit.