Tips for choosing the right fire bowl

Fire bowl

A fire bowl is a wonderful product to make a beautiful fire in your garden. Especially now that the colder days are coming again, a fire bowl can be perfectly used to enjoy nature a little longer. Before you can start a fire, you must have a fire bowl. Are you not sure where to start and what to look out for? Then read on, because we explain everything below!

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How do I choose the right fire bowl?

Fire bowls are available in many types, sizes and materials. It can therefore be difficult to find the perfect fire bowl that is fully tailored to your wishes. We have put down a number of tips for you below so that you are be sure that you are choosing the right fire bowl.

1. Does the fire bowl match the size of your garden?

Of course you have to look at the size of your garden or the place where you want to put the fire bowl. First try to draw the desired outline of the fire bowl on the pavement tiles. This way you get a better picture of the space that the fire bowl occupies. Will the fire bowl not be placed on tiles, but on gravel? Then you can use cardboard or newspapers / magazines to make a good estimate of the size.

2. Where do you want to use the fire bowl for?

Keep on reading, because you can also use a fire bowl to grill food. If you want to do this in the future, make sure that the desired fire bowl has the right accessories for it.

3. What is the best material for a fire bowl?

Fire bowls are available in all kinds of materials, such as cast iron, black coated steel and, for example, the beautiful rusty corten steel. Every material has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Cast iron has the characteristic that it still retains its original shape at very high temperatures. It is also extremely strong and has good heat distribution. The disadvantage of cast iron is that it is heavy. You will therefore not be able to move the fire bowl easily.
  • With corten steel you know that the weather influences will benefit the fire bowl and that corten steel fire shells can withstand a lot. Over time, the fire bowl forms a beautiful brown rust layer. In addition, corten steel lasts a very long time. The disadvantage is that during the oxidation process (the first 4 to 6 months) the fire bowl can still give off rusty water. That is why we recommend to put cardboard or something else under the fire bowl during these first months. Remove this if you want to use the fire bowl.
  • Fire bowls made of coated steel often have a non-stick coating and the material is ultimately easy to recyclable. In addition, with their black appearance they look modern and industrial. Because of this, there is a beautiful black steel fire bowl for every taste.

4. A fire bowl with or without legs?

A fire bowl on legs can make it just a little easier to use the fire bowl for other purposes, such as cooking. You have to bend over less far and this increases the ease of use. Would you rather go for a real camping feeling? Then a fire bowl without legs is ideal. You can then sit on the ground and enjoy the heat of the fire.

5. What are the current fire trends?

This year we have seen many fire bowls that are in line with the 'industrial trend'. They are a bit more robust and sturdy in appearance, such as the Enjoyfires fire bowl. In addition to the industrial style, the Scandinavian style is still completely in! This style is characterized more by its fine lines and the more minimalist appearance. Nice example of this style is the Livin'flame fire pit Mani.

How can I use a fire bowl?

A fire bowl not only provides a lot of warmth and ambiance in the garden, but can also be functional in other ways. Below you can read how you can get the most out of your fire bowl.

1. Use a fire bowl to grill food

Do you not have a barbecue or would you like to fry something quick while burning a fire? For many fire bowls you can order a grill ring or grill rack. These handy accessories make it possible to use your fire bowl as an outdoor kitchen, which surprises everyone at a party.

2. Place a fire bowl on a base

Do you have pets or other small children walking around? Of course you always have to keep an eye on them, but it can be useful to turn your fire bowl into a fire column. For example, if you have a fire bowl made of corten steel, it would be nice to use a fixed or U-shaped base.

Extend the life of your fire bowl

Of course you want your newly purchased gem to last as long as possible. Below are a few tips so you can ensure that your fire bowl lasts longer.

1. Protect your fire bowl and / or put it inside

Protect your fire bowl against the weather influences if the material cannot handle it well. When the weather is bad, you could choose to place the fire bowl inside. In addition, there are various covers available available for your firebowl.

2. Clean it after use

When you have finished firing and the fire bowl has cooled down, make sure that you clean up the ashes properly. This will cause the fire bowl to rust or wear less quickly.

3. Is there undesirable rust formation?

It can always happen that a fire bowl will rust over time. Do you want to prevent this as long as possible? Degrease the fire bowl, sand it and then paint it with a heat-resistant paint.

Burn wood without smoke!

Of course, lighting a fire must always be done safely, since you are dealing with an open fire. Investigate whether there are no low-hanging branches above the fireplace and also use a good substrate. The safest surface for a fire bowl is made of stone. Always ensure that you do not place the fire bowl on a surface that is flammable.

In addition, use dry wood, because wet wood can start smoking! Never use lamp oil, spirits, gasoline or other flammable means to light your fire. Fire remains very unpredictable and difficult to control. At our fire bowls themselves we also have various tips on how you can safely use a fire bowl.

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