The warranty of the products of Greenlabshop

At Greenlabshop, the quality of our products is of paramount importance. We think it is important that you as a customer are satisfied with the quality of the product. Is a product unexpectedly broken and is there nothing you can do about it? Then it is possible that it will be covered by the products’ warranty. You can find more information about the warranty of our products and the conditions below.

When is something covered by the warranty?

Every product in our range is different. To be sure if something is protected under its warranty, please contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you.

The standard warranty at Greenlabshop

At Greenlabshop, we use a "Carry-in guarantee". Carry-in guarantee means that you have to bring the items back to the supplier, to us. We do not come to your home to carry out the repair.

You must ensure that the item that needs to be repaired ends up with us correctly. If you send it to us, please make sure the item is properly packaged. Please note the following:

  • Ensure that, for example, the corners of the product cannot be damaged or bend during shipment.
  • Ensure that the product cannot move in a box that is too large during shipment.
  • Has your item been delivered by us on a pallet? Then ensure that it is also sent on a pallet for repair.
  • Note that the postal service can sometimes handle products roughly.

The costs for shipping and returning are for yourself. Please contact us for the repair address.

When will the repair be ready?

We try to repair your items as soon as possible. The repair time depends on the season. When the repaired item has been repaired, we will contact you.

If a repair has to be carried out after the warranty period, costs may be involved. We will inform you in advance about the amount.