What is a table fire pit and which types consist?

You see them more and more often in people's gardens and on social media: a table with a fireplace on top or included in the table. But what exactly are table table fire pits and what can you do with them? Read on quickly, because we will be happy to explain you how everything works!

What is a table fire pit?

What exactly is a table fire pit? A table fire pit generally refers to a gas fire pit or built-in burner. These are fireplaces, or burners, that you can place in a garden table or dining table, for example. With a table fire pit you can easily make a fire table yourself! 

In our webshop you will find table fireplaces from four different brands: Enjoyfires, Cosi-fires, Sparkly Fires and Happy Cocooning. Table fire pits are available in different sizes and shapes. There are round table fire pits, square table fire pits and rectangular table fire pits. The smallest gas table fire pits you will find in our range have a size of 32x32 cm. The largest table fire pit has a size of 101x25 cm. You can see the table fire pits per brand below.


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Complete the table fire pit with matching accessories

Normally, a table fire is only supplied with lava rocks. Do you want to complete the table fire with matching accessories? Then choose ceramic logs and a matching glass screen. If you look at one of the table fireplaces on our website and scroll down, you will find all bundle discounts there (accessories with a discount).

Table fire pit with ceramic logs and lava rocks

A table fire pit with lava rocks and ceramic logs

Using a table fire pit outdoors or indoors?

When making the right choice for a table fireplace, it is important to decide whether you are going to use the table fireplace indoors or outdoors. A gas table fire pit can only be used outside, while a built-in bioethanol table fire pit can only be used indoors.

When you use the bio-ethanol table fire indoors, it is important to ensure a good supply of sufficient fresh air. Always read the manual before use.

Zelfgemaakte vuurtafel met een ingebouwde Enjoyfires tafelhaard

A homemade fire table with a table fire pit, made by one of our customers from the Netherlands

Getting started with making your own fire table?

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