What is instant hedging?

Instant hedging

What are instant hedges? You may find instant hedging more and more on the internet, but what exactly are they? On this page we would like to tell you more about instant hedges, which types there are and why you should plant them in your garden!

What are instant hedges?

Instant hedges are hedges that are already fully grown to height at the moment of delivery. Ivy varieties are mainly used for instant hedging, since they can easily grow against a steel grid.

As mentioned above, an instant hedge is a hedge that grows against a steel grid. The instant hedges are supplied in fixed sizes, as you can see on our webshop. Are the sizes not quite right for your garden? Then you can carefully make the instant hedging smaller or lower with a hacksaw or grinder.

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How much does an instant hedge cost?

Ready-made hedges have a fixed price, as indicated in the hedge category. When the ready hedges are delivered, they are fully grown to the desired height.

Instant hedging start from £ 160,-. This may seem expensive, but the instant hedging have been growing for a couple of growseasons on the nursery. In this way, you are ensured that you will receive a high quality hedge. 

What types of instant hedges are available?

We sell different types of instant hedges. The most sold hedge varieties are the Hedera Helix Woerner and the Euonymus. The Star Jasmijn has also become more popular in recent years!

All instant hedges are winter hard. This means that the hedges retain almost all leaves well throughout the year. This way you can enjoy privacy in your garden even in winter! The hedges may shed more leaves in the first year.

How to install the instant hedging in your garden?

It is very easy to install instant hedging in your garden. You can do this almost the same way as how you would install a wooden fence. 

First you have to dig a trench, then you need to install the wooden or iron posts around 130 cm from eachother. In between the posts, you can install the instant hedges. You can easily install the instant hedging within one day. 

For the complete installation guide, please click here.