What is the difference between a Hedera Helix and a Hedera Hibernica?

The popular ivy species Hedera hibernica and the Hedera helix

The Hedera helix, or ivy, is found in the wild in western and central Europe. The Hedera hibernica, or the Atlantic ivy, is mainly found along the coasts of Scotland, Ireland and Portugal.

The Hedera hibernica has a slightly larger leaf than the Hedera helix. In addition, a young leaf of the hibernica looks slightly lighter than the leaf of the helix woerner. The lines on the leaves are also green and not white.

Many gardeners prefer the hibernica, while consumers more often opt for the helix woerner. The Hedera helix woerner is slightly more resistant to diseases and can withstand the English climate. The Hedera hibernica can lose leaves during the winter, but that is a rarity. Only if there is severe frost. Incidentally, this does not hurt, because the leaves grow back in the spring.

Are there any other differences? Yes, but they are not large. Experts claim that the Hedera helix have a slightly musty smell, while the Hedera hibernica has a sweet scent. Look with a microscope at the leaves of the helix and the hibernica, then you see that there are white hairs on both leaves. These hairs are called trichomes. The trichomes of the helix stand in all directions, while the trichomes lie flat on the leaf of the hibernica.

An untrained eye does not see the difference between a hibernica and a helix. Both ivy plants grow quickly, are easy to maintain and are beautiful in every garden.

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