What is the difference between the Enjoyplanters and Lupine planters?

Are you looking for a new planter for your garden and do you already know which shape and colour you would like? We can imagine that you do not know yet which type of planter suits you. In order to help you, we have made a handy overview below in which we have listed the characteristics of the different brands and types for you. In this way you can see at a glance which planter fits best with your wishes.

About Enjoyplanters

The Enjoyplanters planters are our most popular planters. They have a modern, luxurious appearance and are entirely made of polyester. The planters are available in the colours Anthracite-black, Pure White and concrete look. In total there are 3 different types: Smooth, Velvet and Rough. As the name suggests, the Smooth planters have a smooth surface. The Velvet planters on the other hand, have a light structure and the Rough has a playful grain structure. The planters have a water channel for the drainage.

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The difference between all our planters

The difference between these two brands is not the quality, but you can find the difference in the appearance of the products and their producers. This actually means that the two different brands can hardly be distinguished from each other. Still there are some minor differences. To indicate this, we have made an overview below.


Enjoyplanters Smooth

Enjoyplanters Velvet

Enjoyplanters Rough


Lupine (sold out)

Structure Smooth Light structure Grain structure Light structure
Material Fibreglass - matt Fibreglass - matt Fibreglass - matt Fibreglass - matt
Bottom Water channel Water channel Water channel No water channel
Guarantee 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years
Lightweight Yes Yes Yes Yes
Isolation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Frost resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes
Options None None None None
Price From £ 76
(40x40x40 cm Black-grey)
From £ 76
(40x40x40 cm White)
From £ 166
(100x40x40 cm Black-grey)
Usage Exterior / interior Exterior / interior Exterior / interior Exterior

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