What kinds of indoor bio ethanol fireplace options are there?

Is it too chilly to sit outside or would you like to create more atmosphere in your home? An indoor bio ethanol fire pit or fireplace is a good solution. Bio ethanol fireplaces are available in different models, such as built-in wall-mounted fireplaces, small but practical tabletop fireplaces and other freestanding bio ethanol fireplaces. We would like to inform you about the different kinds of bio ethanol fireplaces that can be used indoors. Do you already know what kind of bio ethanol fireplace you would like? Click here for our complete product range.

Indoor wall-mounted bio ethanol fireplaces

Wall-mounted bio ethanol fireplaces are available in different models and designs. There are black steel wall-mounted fireplaces with an industrial, sleek and modern design, but there are also designs that make the bio ethanol fireplace look like a real wood burning fireplace. There are also plenty of wall-mounted bio ethanol fireplaces that are see-through.

A wall-mounted bio ethanol fireplace needs to be built into a wall or cabinet. It is desirable to build a frame (e.g. a wooden frame) around the fireplace. Around this frame you can build the rest of the wall with a particle board, stone or whatever fits best with the interior of your home.

indoor wall-mounted bio ethanol fireplaces

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The benefit of a wall-mounted bio ethanol fireplace and other kinds of bio ethanol fireplaces is that it does not require a drainage- or flue pipe, because during the combustion of bio ethanol there is virtually no emission of scent or smoke. As a consequence, there don’t need to be made any major adjustments to your home when installing a built-in wall-mounted bio ethanol fireplace. It is an inexpensive alternative for a wood burning fireplace.

When using a bio ethanol fireplace, it is important to create a supply of fresh air in your home. This can be done by leaving a window ajar. Moreover, you can only use a wall-mounted bio ethanol fireplace indoors. When using it outdoors, it is possible for the flames to strike the burner, which can lead to dangerous situations.

The wall-mounted bio ethanol fireplaces are available from £ 117 with the dimensions 63x45x15,5 centimeters (length x width x height)

Indoor tabletop bio ethanol fireplaces

Want to enjoy a cozy fire anywhere in your home? An indoor bio ethanol tabletop burner or fireplace is a great option! A tabletop fireplace (or firebowl pot) is a mini fireplace that can be placed anywhere around the house. You can place the tabletop bio ethanol fireplace on the dining table and easily move it to the coffee table for a pleasant atmosphere whenever you want. How easy is that!

Indoor tabletop fireplaces are in a lower price range than the wall-mounted bio ethanol fireplaces. This way you can create a cozy and romantic atmosphere with a smaller budget. The tabletop bio ethanol fireplaces are available from £ 50.

These are currently our most popular tabletop fireplaces:

Indoor freestanding bio ethanol fireplaces

Bio ethanol haard voor binnen en buiten

Besides tabletop- and wall-mounted fireplaces, there are also larger freestanding bio ethanol fireplaces. These larger fireplaces, also known as fire columns, can be placed beautifully next to the front door of your home or in the corner of your living room.

The bio ethanol fire columns can also be placed outdoors. Take care that there is hardly any wind outside, so that the flame can safely burn. The bio ethanol fireplaces must not get wet. Please ensure that the fireplaces are placed under a patio canopy (or roof), otherwise you must bring the fireplace inside when it rains.

You can purchase a bio ethanol fireplace for the indoors and outdoors from £ 143. A bio ethanol fireplace looks great by itself, but it is also very nice to combine bio ethanol fireplaces.

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Build your own bio ethanol fireplace with a built-in burner

Were you not able to find a bio ethanol fireplace that met your needs? Take matters into your own hands! You can easily transform a table into a bio ethanol firetable with our bio ethanol burners. This is done by creating a cavity in an existing table or cabinet, e.g. a dining table, coffee table or a sideboard. The RVS bio ethanol burner can be placed in the cavity.

The size of the cavity depends on the size of the bio ethanol burner. There are different shapes and sizes available. You can pick a round built-in burner, but also a square or rectangular built-in burner.

The bio ethanol burners can only be used indoors. Would you like to build an outdoor fire table? Take a look at our built-in burners. These are suitable for outdoor use!

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