When can I trim my ivy hedge (Hedera)?

When should I prune my Ivy (Hedera)?

Do you have a Ivy hedge in your Garden? Good news! The Ivy is an easy plant to prune, so don’t worry very little can go wrong. We advise to prune your Ivy hedge twice a year, to keep him looking healty and full the whole year around.

It is best to prune the ivy in the spring, for example in late May or June. Do this shortly before the ivy forms the young leaves. We recommend pruning the ivy again at the end of September. The benefit of this is that the ivy then has a few weeks to recover after pruning, so that your Hedera will enter the winter healthy.

Choose to prune your Ivy when it is damp and cloudy weather Pruning the ivy in bright sun can damage the leaf edges.

Do you want to prune your ivy more often?

When the ivy is crawling into the gutter or against woodwork it is no problem to prune it more often at the areas where this is needed.

How do I prune an ivy?

You can trim your ivy with hedge shears. Make sure you prune your ivy nice and short, this stimulates new growth! When pruning, do it from the bottom up.

Why do I have to prune my Ivy?

When you order an ivy Hedera from greenlabshop.co.uk, it is already grown to full height upon delivery. If you prune the ivy twice a year, you ensure that the hedge stays healthy and full.

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